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Phone directory, sorted by street names — is a phone directory where showed list of streets names in current city. If you select one street name, you can see list of persons, who live on this street. If you select one of listed people, you can see full information about this person (such as phone number, name and address). Sometimes it is very useful to find out phone numbers of your neighbours or people, who live not far from you.

Dir: KazahstanUralsk Ul.kurennaya

List of inhabitants, who live on this address:

Uralsk, Ul.kurennaya: showed persons 1—14 from 14 (0.42 sec)

Phone Lastname, name Address
265102 Lesnykh Praskovya Konstantinovna Ul.kurennaya, bld. 1
265239 Antonenko Aliya Zhumabaevna Ul.kurennaya, bld. 2
265121 Nazarenko Aleksandra Vitalevna Ul.kurennaya, bld. 3
265037 Makhmetova Almagul Ramazanovna Ul.kurennaya, bld. 5
265042 Mukashev Sabir Abdyrovich Ul.kurennaya, bld. 6
265150 Medvedenko Nataliya Nikolaevna Ul.kurennaya, bld. 7
265265 Gumarova Monshak Koyshibaevna Ul.kurennaya, bld. 8
264952 Temerkanatova Olga Vladimirovna Ul.kurennaya, bld. 9
265069 Azimuratov Ravil Ganievich Ul.kurennaya, bld. 11
264943 Maksimchev Sergey Aleksandrovich Ul.kurennaya, bld. 12
264948 Burpiev Kadyr Kabdullovich Ul.kurennaya, bld. 12/Б
265071 Ivanova Tatyana Aleksandrovna Ul.kurennaya, bld. 13
264923 Mukanbetzhanov Dzholaman Ermekkalievich Ul.kurennaya, bld. 15
504090 Aymesheva Zhannat Salavatovna Ul.kurennaya, bld. 17

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