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About City

Nizhniy Tagil is a city in Sverdlovsk area, the large centre of ferrous metallurgy. Nizhni Tagil is located on east slope of the Ural mountains, in 20—25 km from border of Europe and Asia. It is based by Demidov's dynasty to which before revolution and posessed Tagil factories. Tagil metal was used at erection of the Statue of Freedom in New York (as it is known, Freedom Statue to the United States was presented by France, therefore it was primary Tagil iron on sale to the French buyer whom in turn bought metal has sent on statue melt). Also it is known for a list of trays. In Nizhni Tagil the steam locomotive first in Russia and a bicycle are constructed. For the first time in the world at factories the electricity was used. The city estimated population exceeds 378 thousands people, and with a area of 4106 square kilometers. There is 6-digits phone numbers. For call in Nizhniy Tagil, dial +7(343) 5XX-XX-XX. Details

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