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Irkutsk is an administrative centre of the Irkutsk region and Irkutsk area. City founded as Irkutsk jail build by Cossacks under the direction of Jacob Pohabov in 1661. Irkutsk always was the major strong point on trade with China. Through a city passed all Russian-Chinese trading caravans. The city lived also dews thanks to trade, the large industrial enterprises in a city have appeared only in the XX-th century. In Irkutsk of veins St. Miracle man Innokenty Irkutsk. From the XVIII-th century end Irkutsk becomes capital of the Siberian province (the Siberian kingdom), since 1822 — capital of the East-Siberian general governorship. «Big Irkutsk» with the million population include Irkutsk AND cities of Irkutsk-Cheremhovsk agglomeration zone (Shelekhov, Angarsk, Meget, Listvjanka, Baklashi, Savvateevsky and Odinsky). The city estimated population exceeds 576 thousands people, and with a area of 278 square kilometers. There is 6-digits phone numbers. For call in Irkutsk, dial +7(395) 2XX-XX-XX. Details

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