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Почтовые индексы Печоры

About City

Pechora is a city in Republic Komi, an administrative centre of municipal area "Pechora", the versatile economic centre with primary development of industrial and transport functions. In branch structure of the industry of a city are presented electric power industry, oil-extracting, wood, light and the food-processing industry, mechanical engineering and metal working, the industry of building materials. A leading industry of a city — electric power industry. In a city Open Society "OGK-3" branch «Pechora state district power station» the established capacity more than one gigawatt. About second half 90th on the second position in a city economy there was the oil-extracting industry provided on prospect with considerable industrial stocks of oil and gas. Around Pechora stocks more than 20 deposits of hydrocarbonic raw materials are established. In a city the large enterprises river, railway, automobile and an air transportation are concentrated. The city area of 34 square kilometers. There is 5-digits phone numbers. For call in Pechora, dial +7(821) 42X-XX-XX. Details

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