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Почтовые индексы Великих Лук

About City

Velikie Luki is a city in the Pskov region of Russia, the city of military glory. In a city there is an administrative centre of Velikoluksky municipal area, and the city of Velikie Luki is included into independent municipal union as a part of the Pskov area — city district Velikie Luki. It is considered to be date of the basis of a city 1166. Velikie Luki is near to a federal highway Moscow-Baltic (М9), there is a road service station, the railway station providing a through service with the cities of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Murmansk, Riga and others, in a Soviet period the airport operated. The city estimated population exceeds 100,3 thousands people. There is 5-digits phone numbers. For call in Velikie Luki, dial +7(811) 53X-XX-XX. Details

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