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About City

Harkov is the largest city in the east of Ukraine, an administrative center of the Kharkov area. The largest scientific, industrial, transport and student's center of Ukraine; the cultural center second after Kiev. Was the third on size an industrial, scientific and transport city of the USSR after Moscow and Leningrad. 60 scientific research institutes, 45 higher educational institutions, including the Kharkov university and pyrotechnical institute; 16 museums, a city art gallery, 6 state theaters, 80 libraries. The city is awarded the order Lenin in December, 1970 and an award of October Revolution in August 1983. The city estimated population exceeds 1452,6 thousands people, and with a area of 310 square kilometers. There is 7-digits phone numbers. For call in Harkov, dial +380(57) XXX-XX-XX. Details

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