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About City

Krasnodar is an administrative centre of Krasnodar territory, the historical centre of politiko-geographical area Kuban, informally called by capital of Kuban, and also southern capital of Russia. In a city following basic industrial enterprises operate: Factory «Gray hairs» (machine-tool construction), Open Society «Compressor factory» (mechanical engineering), Krasnodarselmash and Factory on assemblage of German combines CLAAS (agricultural mechanical engineering), Krasnodar НПЗ (the chemical industry), the Krasnodar thermal power station capacity 648 МВт (development of thermal and electric energy). Also metallurgy, instrument making, processing of agricultural products are developed, etc. The city estimated population exceeds 710 thousands people, and with a area of 840 square kilometers. There is 7-digits phone numbers. For call in Krasnodar, dial +7(861) XXX-XX-XX. Details

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