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Khabarovsk is an administrative centre of Khabarovsk territory. The city is located on the right bank of Amur river on Sredneamursky lowland, in 20 km from border with China. According to the Russian version, the city has been based in 1858 as a military post of Habarovka, is named in honour of Russian warrior of Erofey Habarov. Thanks to very convenient site (a place of merge of the rivers the Amur and Ussuri), Habarovka has started to develop very quickly. For working people going enterprising people. The basic employment at this time was: fur both fishings and a nonequivalent exchange with natives. It were very profitable affairs and involved many people. Also they were involved with a large quantity of the fertile earths which were distributed free of charge. In six years military topographer Michael Ljubenskim had been developed a local plan of Habarovki. Under this plan the central street became Coastal (nowadays street Shevchenko). The city estimated population exceeds 577 thousands people, and with a area of 372 square kilometers. There is 6-digits phone numbers. For call in Khabarovsk, dial +7(421) 2XX-XX-XX. Details

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