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Angarsk — one of the largest industrial centres of Russia with the powerful enterprises of chemical and petrochemical industry, oil refining, the enterprises for production of mechanical engineering, metal working, easy and the food-processing industry, building materials. Its enterprises are technologically connected with the manufactures located in other cities of Irkutsk-Cheremhovskay Industrial Zone: Usolye-Siberian, Cheremkhovo, Slyudyanka. On social and economic potential the city of Angarsk occupies one of leading places in economy of the Irkutsk region. On its share 9,7 % of an industrial output of area are necessary. The prevailing kinds of activity defining economic structure of a city of Angarsk are processing manufactures (80,2 % in volume of the shipped goods of own manufacture, the executed works and services by own forces in the city of Angarsk), building (10,5 %), transport and communication (2,9 %). The city estimated population exceeds 243 thousands people, and with a area of 209 square kilometers. There is 6-digits phone numbers. For call in Angarsk, dial +7(395) 5XX-XX-XX. Details

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