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Bratsk — a city in the Irkutsk region. The city has founded in 1955, in connection with building of Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station little north of the ancient settlement of Bratsk, based by Russians as a jail in 1631. Today Bratsk is one of the largest industrial centres of the Irkutsk region. In spite of the fact that the city is located in severe environmental conditions, out of a zone of intensive development of Eastern Siberia, economic-geographical position its rather favorable and is characterised by the developed infrastructure (the transit railway (a Baikal-Amur highway), highways, electric transmission lines, international airport, etc.), high resource-economic potential (the industrial city largest in area, electropower resources of Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station, unlimited water resources, navigable ways etc.). Bratsk carries out functions of the important basic base of development of northern areas of Eastern Siberia and the Far East. The city estimated population exceeds 250 thousands people, and with a area of 430 square kilometers. There is 6-digits phone numbers. For call in Bratsk, dial +7(395) 3XX-XX-XX. Details

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