Phone directory of Kardymovo (Smolenskaya oblast), sorted by street names

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Dir: RussiaKardymovo Krivtsy

List of inhabitants, who live on this address:

Kardymovo, Krivtsy: showed persons 1—22 from 22 (0.01 sec)

Phone Lastname, name Address
42915 Kildyusheva Ai Krivtsy
42562 Khromenkov Vv Krivtsy
42622 Tarasov Be Krivtsy
42631 Kovaleva Ts Krivtsy
42652 Gaverdov Aa Krivtsy
42661 Politykina Nv Krivtsy
42739 Khomyakova An Krivtsy
42867 Mukha Sr Krivtsy
42882 Dzhumaev Khs Krivtsy
42531 Melnikova Lg Krivtsy
42466 Kuzmina La Krivtsy
42451 Berdnikov Sa Krivtsy
41939 Solovev Gn Krivtsy
41136 Pochtakova Am Krivtsy
41500 Butylkin Pd Krivtsy
41186 Lastochkina Nv Krivtsy
41428 Terenteva Ea Krivtsy
41298 Kuznetsova Tp Krivtsy
41509 Alekseeva Lv Krivtsy, bld. 2
41019 Demchenkov Ga Krivtsy, bld. 12
41438 Tsirkunov Vv Krivtsy, bld. 15
42612 Osipov Mya Krivtsy, bld. 17

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