Phone directory of Gusyatin (Ternopolskaya oblast), sorted by street names

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Dir: UkraineGusyatin Yablunіv

List of inhabitants, who live on this address:

Gusyatin, Yablunіv: showed persons 1—50 from 307 (0.01 sec)

Phone Lastname, name Address
47603 Barabash Іvan Antonovich YAblunіv
47582 Zadorozhniy Іvan Mikhaylovich YAblunіv
47581 Sigіl Mikhaylo Mikhaylovich YAblunіv
47579 Krushelnitskiy Іy YAblunіv
47578 Gavrilyuk Vasil Stepanovich YAblunіv
47577 Skhab Lyuba Mikhaylіvna YAblunіv
47576 Matіyash Mv YAblunіv
47574 Sidoruk Leonіd Oleksandrovich YAblunіv
47573 Svergun Oresta Mikolaїvna YAblunіv
47572 Pelekhatiy Іm YAblunіv
47571 Zhuravel Stepan Vasilovich YAblunіv
47570 Prishlyak Єvgenіya Volodimirіvna YAblunіv
47569 Matsik Roman Dmitrovich YAblunіv
47568 Khondashko Ov YAblunіv
47567 Chorna Ganna Mikhaylіvna YAblunіv
47566 Dolіba Mikhaylo Іvanovich YAblunіv
47565 Sus Іі YAblunіv
47564 Tsyupak Roman Mikhaylovich YAblunіv
47583 Glova Roman Mikolayovich YAblunіv
47584 Deneka Stepan Іvanovich YAblunіv
47602 Derevorіz Mg YAblunіv
47601 Zhelіznyak Ms YAblunіv
47600 Іvachevska Sm YAblunіv
47599 Napadіy Іo YAblunіv
47598 Fik Marіya Іvanіvna YAblunіv
47597 Fedorіv Anastasіya Mikhaylіvna YAblunіv
47596 Bobik Mikhaylo Dmitrovich YAblunіv
47595 Zalіznyak Oleksіy Stepanovich YAblunіv
47594 Lozіnskiy Yaroslav Petrovich YAblunіv
47593 Prishlyak Marіya Matvіїvna YAblunіv
47592 Aftanashchuk Volodimir Fedorovich YAblunіv
47591 Shastkіv Іvan Mikhaylovich YAblunіv
47590 Napadіy Marіya Matvіїvna YAblunіv
47589 Matіyash Roman Іvanovich YAblunіv
47588 Dobrovolskiy Іm YAblunіv
47586 Zhelіznyak Miroslav Mikolayovich YAblunіv
47585 Matіyash Volodimir Mikolayovich YAblunіv
47563 Napadіy Marіya Іvanіvna YAblunіv
47562 Vonіtova Ganna Dmitrіvna YAblunіv
47538 Sinyavskiy Іvan Mikitovich YAblunіv
47537 Sitko Іvan Vasilovich YAblunіv
47536 Іvachevska Іrina Іvanіvna YAblunіv
47535 Drozd Marіya Vasilіvna YAblunіv
47534 Prishlyak Іrina Stepanіvna YAblunіv
47533 Kuzik Gm YAblunіv
47531 Matіyash Ganna Stepanіvna YAblunіv
47530 Soloninko Anastasіya Stepanіvna YAblunіv
47529 Solotvіnska Іvanna Vasilіvna YAblunіv
47528 Tkachik Volodimir Mikhaylovich YAblunіv
47527 Shastkіv Mikhaylo Stepanovich YAblunіv

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