Reverse phone directory of Velikie Luki (Pskovskaya oblast)

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Dir: RussiaVelikie Luki phone numbers range 31198-31208

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Phone Lastname, name Address
31198 Popova Vv Oktyabrskiy Ul., bld. 13, appt. 57
31200 Gradusova Tp Botvina Ul., bld. 1, appt. 37
31201 Tomashev Vn Gagarina Ul., bld. 14, appt. 56
31202 Vorobev An Lenina Ul., bld. 61/А, appt. 42
31203 Bobkovich Aa Botvina Ul., bld. 1, appt. 39
31204 Razmerova Gv Zvereva Ul., bld. 14, appt. 36
31205 Zakharenkov Ai YUbileynaya Pl., bld. 3, appt. 34
31206 Stolbov As Lenina Ul., bld. 61/А, appt. 32
31207 Kopin Vn Botvina Ul., bld. 1, appt. 32
31208 Melnik Vn Botvina Ul., bld. 1, appt. 22

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