Reverse phone directory of Pochinok (Smolenskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: RussiaPochinok phone numbers range 45047-45214

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Phone Lastname, name Address
45047 Sidorov Am Klemyatino
45048 Artamonov Ai Klemyatino
45049 Savenkova Lk Klemyatino
45050 Suprunchik Lk Klemyatino
45051 Luchkov Pe Klemyatino
45053 Feskova Vi Klemyatino
45054 Grigorev An Klemyatino
45055 Doroginina La Klemyatino
45056 Telyukina Iv Klemyatino
45057 Filipenkov Iv Klemyatino
45058 Elovskaya On Klemyatino
45059 Kovalev Gi Klemyatino
45101 Osipenkova Ed Ryabtsevo
45102 Novoseltseva Vk Ryabtsevo
45103 Sidorov Va Ryabtsevo
45104 Chukovenkov Pa Ryabtsevo
45106 Gorbacheva Np Ryabtsevo
45108 Novoselova Tm Ryabtsevo
45109 Ivanova Nn Ryabtsevo
45111 Yazikov Vr Ryabtsevo
45112 Krasnova La Ryabtsevo
45113 Kovalenkova Me Ryabtsevo
45114 Bulygina Gv Ryabtsevo, bld. 4, appt. 14
45115 Rovnyagina Ii Ryabtsevo
45118 Kachurin An Ryabtsevo, bld. 4, appt. 5
45119 Krutov Ma Ryabtsevo, bld. 4, appt. 2
45120 Senchenkov Ig Ryabtsevo
45121 Ivanova Lg Ryabtsevo
45124 Puzankevich Ts Ryabtsevo
45127 Pozdnyakova Mt Ryabtsevo
45129 Kalinina Vi Ryabtsevo
45130 Sapronenkova Sa Ryabtsevo
45134 Kharchevoy Ns Ryabtsevo
45135 Novikova Vl Ryabtsevo
45137 Puzankevich Tp Ryabtsevo
45138 Evgrafova Tm Ryabtsevo
45141 Antonova Zm Ryabtsevo
45144 Ustinenkova Oa Ryabtsevo
45146 Glebov An Ryabtsevo
45148 Kopytov Vz Ryabtsevo
45152 Leonova Ga Ryabtsevo
45153 Shchetinkina Ls Ryabtsevo
45155 Novikova Nv Ryabtsevo
45156 Konoshkov Vi Ryabtsevo
45157 Kuporzhanova Vp Ryabtsevo
45158 Shchetinkina Lv Ryabtsevo
45159 Emelyanova Ts Ryabtsevo
45161 Kezikov Ga Ryabtsevo
45162 Glebova Lm Ryabtsevo
45164 Otvagina Va Ryabtsevo

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