Reverse phone directory of Monastyrshchina (Smolenskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: RussiaMonastyrshchina phone numbers range 96685-98105

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Phone Lastname, name Address
96685 Seryakova Na Novomikhaylovskoe
96687 Dovydenkova Pv Novomikhaylovskoe
96689 Albakov Msh Novomikhaylovskoe
96691 Smolyakova Gp Novomikhaylovskoe
96692 Tolpygo Ti Novomikhaylovskoe
96693 Zakharov Av Novomikhaylovskoe
96694 Stepanov Syu Novomikhaylovskoe
96695 Kuzmina Na Novomikhaylovskoe
96696 Glushchenkova Gv Novomikhaylovskoe
96697 Yurkina As Novomikhaylovskoe
96698 Ivanov Sv Novomikhaylovskoe
96699 Fedchenkov Aa Novomikhaylovskoe
96710 Egorenkov Sv Novomikhaylovskoe
96716 Sverdlov Kf Novomikhaylovskoe
96717 Sudovskaya Mi Novomikhaylovskoe
96718 Sharshakova Ss Novomikhaylovskoe
96719 Lobanov Ra Novomikhaylovskoe
96731 Alfimenkova Ls Novomikhaylovskoe
97400 Korenyushkin Gs Tatarsk
97401 Konopleva Lv Tatarsk
97402 Kulagin Vp Tatarsk
97403 Zaytseva Os Tatarsk
97404 Sidorenkova Vf Tatarsk
97406 Krupenin Ai Tatarsk
97407 Malysheva Pi Tatarsk
97408 Kovalev Vp Tatarsk
97409 Shelamkova Tv Tatarsk
97411 Yanchenkov Ms Tatarsk
97412 Samolutchenkov Vg Tatarsk
97413 Pronzhilova Mv Kadino
97415 Yaskevich Ai Tatarsk
97419 Neumoina Lv Tatarsk
97420 Chernyakova Ni Tatarsk
97423 Golomidova Mf Tatarsk
97424 Kovaleva Mf Tatarsk
97425 Novikova Mv Tatarsk
97426 Shishaev Ni Tatarsk
97427 Severinov Vp Tatarsk
97428 Martynenkova Aa Tatarsk
97429 Novikova Ef Tatarsk
97431 Fedorova La Tatarsk
97433 Yuzifovich Ni Tatarsk
97434 Zaytsev Nt Tatarsk
97437 Bokhankov Ls Tatarsk
97440 Bykov Ma Tatarsk
97441 Martynovskiy Ff Tatarsk
97442 Chernyakov Si Tatarsk
97443 Martynovskaya Eg Tatarsk
97444 Makarenkov Vm Tatarsk
97445 Volichev Dn Tatarsk

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