Reverse phone directory of Monastyrshchina (Smolenskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

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Phone Lastname, name Address
93433 Novikova Vm ZHeleznyak
93434 Vashchenkov Ae ZHeleznyak
93435 Matskova La ZHeleznyak
93436 Levchenkova Tv ZHeleznyak
93437 Larchenkova Lp ZHeleznyak
93441 Timashkova Zv ZHeleznyak
93443 Filipenkova Vv ZHeleznyak
93444 Vashchenkov Ns ZHeleznyak
93445 Silkina Vv ZHeleznyak
93448 Kolodko Gv ZHeleznyak
93450 Barchenkova Mv ZHeleznyak
93454 Kuzmenkov Gm ZHeleznyak
93455 Tomasheva Ss ZHeleznyak
93456 Vasilevskiy Mg ZHeleznyak
93457 Dubikovskaya In ZHeleznyak
93458 Stefanenkova Ov ZHeleznyak
93600 Gretskiy Ap Lyubavichi
93601 Korzhakov Ni Lyubavichi
93602 Khudoshchevskiy Vt Lyubavichi
93603 Rybakova Eya Lyubavichi
93604 Sokolov Kv Lyubavichi
93605 Gorbylev Vv Lyubavichi
93607 Korneenkov Im Lyubavichi
93608 Novikov Vv Lyubavichi
93609 Fedorov Se Lyubavichi
93610 Stolyarova Nf Lyubavichi
93612 Korbukov Gn Lyubavichi
93615 Vavilova Ai Lyubavichi
93617 Gredzen Ma Lyubavichi
93618 Prudnikov Nf Lyubavichi
93620 Yaskevich Vn Lyubavichi
93621 Kuchenkov Ss Lyubavichi
93624 Agafonov Sn Lyubavichi
93626 Korbukova Ll Lyubavichi
93627 Zubritskiy Am Lyubavichi
93628 Voinov Mi Lyubavichi
93633 Khodunkov Il Lyubavichi
93634 Bobrov Vn Lyubavichi
93637 Vasilenkova Ea Lyubavichi
93638 Gorlov Vn Lyubavichi
93641 Ivashkov Mv Lyubavichi
93642 Klimenkova Ri Lyubavichi
93643 Nabyzheva Es Lyubavichi
93646 Kozlova Ti Lyubavichi
93647 Filippenkova Vg Lyubavichi
93648 Zaytsev Sg Lyubavichi
93649 Petukhova Lv Lyubavichi
93650 Agafonov An Lyubavichi
93652 Korneenkova Nn Lyubavichi
93653 Nikiforov Gm Lyubavichi

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