Reverse phone directory of Monastyrshchina (Smolenskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: RussiaMonastyrshchina phone numbers range 45166-45350

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Phone Lastname, name Address
45166 Nikolaeva Ni Stegrimovo
45167 Shukaev Ns Stegrimovo
45168 Gavrichenkova Ai Stegrimovo
45169 Emelyanova En Stegrimovo
45170 Artakhanov Ikh Stegrimovo
45172 Konorev Ae Stegrimovo
45173 Mikhalenkova Nu Stegrimovo
45176 Baranov As Stegrimovo
45177 Karpov Gv Stegrimovo
45179 Ryzhikova Vt Stegrimovo
45180 Vasilevich Vf Stegrimovo
45181 Lutchenkova Vi Stegrimovo
45182 Pavlova Vi Stegrimovo
45183 Veysal Ob Stegrimovo
45184 Filippenkov Ak Stegrimovo
45185 Kmitto Sv Stegrimovo
45187 Parkhomenko Ad Stegrimovo
45188 Vlasenkova Zi Stegrimovo
45189 Davydova Li Stegrimovo
45190 Ponomarev Aa Stegrimovo
45191 Zhigachev Il Stegrimovo
45192 Naumova Gya Stegrimovo
45195 Goeva En Stegrimovo
45201 Mikheeva Vf Sobolevo
45205 Galenovskaya Ak Sobolevo
45208 Bokhanova Ve Sobolevo
45210 Gribovskiy Aa Sobolevo
45213 Sarikov Vv Stegrimovo
45214 Podkovin Mk Sobolevo
45215 Fedotova Li Sobolevo
45216 Konovalov Aya Sobolevo
45220 Mishchenkov Vm Sobolevo
45221 Prikatova Nv Sobolevo
45224 Karpov Vi Sobolevo
45225 Marchenkov Va Sobolevo
45229 Knyazeva Na Sobolevo
45232 Sidorenkov Sv Sobolevo
45234 Krupeneva Ag Sobolevo
45235 Klimenkova Oi Sobolevo
45236 Starostina Ap Sobolevo
45237 Kondratenkova Di Sobolevo
45238 Katolikova Va Sobolevo
45240 Klimenkova Mn Sobolevo
45241 Yurkova Ts Sobolevo
45242 Listopadov Ia Sobolevo
45243 Filippenkov Vi Sobolevo
45244 Filippenkov Gv Sobolevo
45245 Kuleshov Vm Sobolevo
45246 Petrakova Lp Sobolevo
45247 Mikhalev Pp Sobolevo

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