Reverse phone directory of KHolm-ZHirkovskiy (Smolenskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: RussiaKHolm-ZHirkovskiy phone numbers range 44951-45216

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Phone Lastname, name Address
44951 Svetlyakova Lv Bogolyubovo
44953 Baturina St Bogolyubovo
44955 Kolcheva Pi Bogolyubovo
44958 Nosachenkov Am Bogolyubovo
44960 Mikhaylov Ap Bogolyubovo
44961 Rodchenkova Mv Bogolyubovo
44963 Lazukina Lp Bogolyubovo
44964 Petrik An Bogolyubovo
44966 Kolesnikova Vm Bogolyubovo
44970 Polyakov Yai Bogolyubovo
44975 Zaytsev Pa Bogolyubovo
44977 Susenkov Sf Bogolyubovo
44978 Vlasenko Vi Bogolyubovo
44980 Ivanova Tv Bogolyubovo
44982 Svetlyakov Ip Bogolyubovo
44986 Kozhenova Na Bogolyubovo
44987 Osipova As Bogolyubovo
44988 Ilin An Bogolyubovo
44992 Kostikov Sk Bogolyubovo
44994 Bogdanova Ta Bogolyubovo
44997 Kazakov Vv Bogolyubovo
45001 Pavlova Av Nikitinka
45002 Petrova Vi Nikitinka
45003 Khonenko Nn Nikitinka
45004 Ivanov Na Nikitinka
45005 Matichina Nv Nikitinka
45007 Baydakova Li Nikitinka
45009 Smirnova Ma Nikitinka
45013 Smirnova Tg Nikitinka
45017 Pavlova Ap Nikitinka
45031 Lebedeva Ag Nikitinka
45048 Dubrov Iv Nikitinka
45050 Syurmakh Ga Nikitinka
45051 Shchukina Nv Nikitinka
45052 Romanov Sv Nikitinka
45053 Bachinskaya Td Nikitinka
45054 Kotenkova Gt Nikitinka
45058 Vinokurov Na Nikitinka
45059 Kisileva Na Nikitinka
45060 Pavlova Ta Nikitinka
45062 Sycheva Nv Nikitinka
45064 Smirnova Aa Nikitinka
45067 Soloveva Ap Nikitinka
45068 Belkin Ai Nikitinka
45071 Guseva Ev Nikitinka
45074 Drozdova Ml Nikitinka
45075 Syumbeli Sm Nikitinka
45089 Taykova Ti Nikitinka
45090 Azarov Vt Nikitinka
45091 Demyanova Lp Nikitinka

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