Reverse phone directory of KHolm-ZHirkovskiy (Smolenskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: RussiaKHolm-ZHirkovskiy phone numbers range 44366-44618

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Phone Lastname, name Address
44366 Fomina Ta Bogolyubovo
44367 Bogdanova Az Bogolyubovo
44368 Kamenskiy Vi Bogolyubovo
44370 Panchenkova Nn Bogolyubovo
44375 Panchenkov Vn Bogolyubovo
44376 Ivanov Ns Bogolyubovo
44378 Evseev Np Bogolyubovo
44379 Averyanova Fg Bogolyubovo
44380 Grygo Lm Bogolyubovo
44381 Artamonova Lk Bogolyubovo
44382 Kozhevnikova Tn Bogolyubovo
44383 Rumyantsev Ld Bogolyubovo
44384 Kozich An Bogolyubovo
44387 Belyaev Vg Bogolyubovo
44389 Mikhaylov Vp Bogolyubovo
44390 Churkina Vv Bogolyubovo
44391 Kovaleva Ri Bogolyubovo
44392 Panchenkova Ln Bogolyubovo
44395 Mamchenkov Vp Bogolyubovo
44397 Artemev Il Bogolyubovo
44398 Ivanov Aa Bogolyubovo
44399 Kolcheva Nn Bogolyubovo
44511 Bogomolov Am Baturino
44517 Makarenkova Ln Baturino
44518 Baranova Nn Baturino
44520 Vishnevskaya Mya Baturino
44521 Vorobeva Ea Baturino
44522 Bagdanova Gp Baturino
44523 Vasenkova Nf Baturino
44525 Savvakov Na Baturino
44526 Sergeev As Baturino
44527 Sergeeva Ra Baturino
44528 Zaytsev Vi Baturino
44529 Peperev Vv Baturino
44530 Moiseenkov An Baturino
44533 Zaytsev Ai Baturino
44534 Susenkova Ln Baturino
44535 Kosilova Zi Baturino
44537 Korolkova Ti Baturino
44538 Denyushchenkov Np Baturino
44541 Sergeev Am Baturino
44542 Smirnova Ag Baturino
44543 Baranova Li Baturino
44544 Shashkov Si Baturino
44546 Chebotareva Vv Baturino
44548 Khodakova Ea Baturino
44550 Khodakov If Baturino
44551 Chebotareva Ns Baturino
44552 Feofanov Ai Baturino
44555 Khonyakova Ov Baturino

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