Reverse phone directory of SHumyachi (Smolenskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: RussiaSHumyachi phone numbers range 45194-45356

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Phone Lastname, name Address
45194 Samsonova Ld Ponyatovka
45195 Yakusheva Af Ponyatovka
45196 Telyukova Na Ponyatovka
45197 Payterov Vv Ponyatovka
45198 Sudakova Ai Ponyatovka
45199 Grinevich Vv Ponyatovka
45210 Romanenkov Vf Ponyatovka
45212 Simankov Ia Ponyatovka
45213 Lastochkina Vp Ponyatovka
45214 Sakovich Ai Ponyatovka
45215 Zaretskaya Ayu Ponyatovka
45217 Erokhova Ni Ponyatovka
45218 Yamkovaya Np Ponyatovka
45219 Khropova Tm Ponyatovka
45222 Nikonishin Vi Ponyatovka
45223 Maksimova Ia Ponyatovka
45225 Kovalev Va Ponyatovka
45227 Vasilevskiy Yun Ponyatovka
45228 Zenkova Vv Ponyatovka
45229 Grishkin Nf Ponyatovka
45230 Artemov Ak Ponyatovka
45231 Smolyakov Aa Ponyatovka
45232 Bondarev Vg Ponyatovka
45233 Nikolaenkov Ep Ponyatovka
45234 Petrov Ag Ponyatovka
45235 Lyachenkov Pz Ponyatovka
45236 Fedorenkova Ev Ponyatovka
45237 Ivanov Sl Ponyatovka
45238 Makarenkov Gm Ponyatovka
45239 Frolov Ns Ponyatovka
45240 Baenkov Sa Ponyatovka
45241 Kostenkova An Ponyatovka
45242 Grigorev Vi Ponyatovka
45243 Ageeva Na Ponyatovka
45244 Makarenkova Va Ponyatovka
45245 Kirpichenkova Iv Ponyatovka
45246 Bondarev Nn Ponyatovka
45247 Makarenkova Vm Ponyatovka
45248 Bondarev Nv Ponyatovka
45249 Gerasimov Np Ponyatovka
45250 Fedorova Lv Ponyatovka
45252 Vostenkova Na Ponyatovka
45254 Barbasova Ma Ponyatovka
45255 Zharynskiy Lp Ponyatovka
45256 Kaplunova Tt Ponyatovka
45257 Vavilova Gm Ponyatovka
45259 Barbasov Va Ponyatovka
45310 Kozlov Vi Gnevkovo
45311 Potapov Ni Gnevkovo
45314 Vorobeva Om Ryazanovo

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