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Phone Lastname, name Address
670549 Zakharova Svetlana Aleksandrovna Rechnaya, bld. 61/4, appt. 26
670550 Spetsabonent Net Informatsii
670552 Penyushkin Gp Rechnaya, bld. 61/3, appt. 48
670553 Ganin Anatoliy Petrovich Rechnaya, bld. 61/2, appt. 2
670556 Asaulenko Nina Konstantinovna Rechnaya, bld. 63/4, appt. 34
670557 Poleshchuk Dmitriy Olegovich Rechnaya, bld. 59, appt. 143
670558 Belyaev Yuriy Aleksandrovich Rechnaya, bld. 61/4, appt. 13
670559 Bachurin Evgeniy Vasilevich Rechnaya, bld. 63/4, appt. 31
670561 Kerina Vera Aleksandrovna Rechnaya, bld. 63/4, appt. 38
670562 Yurpalova Tatyana Vitalevna Rechnaya, bld. 59, appt. 348

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