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Phone Lastname, name Address
658113 Bazylev Va Gagarina, bld. 21/А, appt. 123
658114 Spetsabonent Net Informatsii
658115 Sivakova Svetlana Vasilevna Narovchatova, bld. 9/А, appt. 30
658117 Khomichuk Nikolay Danilovich Proletarskaya, bld. 79, appt. 58
658119 Kurda Antonina Alekseevna Gagarina, bld. 13/61, appt. 7
658120 Mezentseva Antonina Petrovna Proletarskaya, bld. 86, appt. 46
658121 Shustovskaya Mariya Ivanovna Proletarskaya, bld. 71/2, appt. 92
658122 Leonova Galina Alekseevna Gagarina, bld. 28, appt. 131
658125 Sivak Svetlana Ivanovna Gagarina, bld. 44/1, appt. 55
658126 Shepelev Viktor Ivanovich Proletarskaya, bld. 88, appt. 9

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