Reverse phone directory of SHelekhov (Irkutskaya oblast)

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Phone Lastname, name Address
48909 Kpyuchkova Alla Andreevna 4 Mkrn, bld. 37, appt. 145
48910 Afrakov Yuriy Nikolaevich 4 Mkrn, bld. 95, appt. 133
48911 Golub Tatyana Lukinichna Ryabinovaya Ul., bld. 18
48912 Kazaeva Alla Vladimirovna 4 Mkrn, bld. 92, appt. 27
48913 Makarov Vladimir Nikolaevich 4 Mkrn, bld. 71, appt. 3
48914 Glushchuk Svetlana Pavlovna Ryabinovaya Ul., bld. 10
48915 Yurchenko Sergey Nikolaevich 4 Mkrn, bld. 89, appt. 53
48916 Karepin Ap 4 Mkrn, bld. 37, appt. 86
48917 Grishin Aleksandr Alekseevich 4 Mkrn, bld. 37, appt. 28

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