Reverse phone directory of Ulyanovka (Kirovogradskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: UkraineUlyanovka phone numbers range 25120-25441

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Ulyanovka, phone numbers range 25120-25441 showed persons 1—50 from 91 (1.11 sec)

Phone Lastname, name Address
25120 Bondar Ea Vіlkhova
25121 Kharkava Lo Vіlkhova
25122 Yashan Aі Vіlkhova
25123 Yavorskiy Mo Vіlkhova
25124 Perogovska Gs Vіlkhova
25125 Zіmenko Va Vіlkhova
25126 Gladkiy Gt Vіlkhova
25127 Kazakov As Vіlkhova
25128 Yurchuk Fa Vіlkhova
25129 Molo Iu Vіlkhova
25131 Petrik Vv Vіlkhova
25133 Fedoza Sp Vіlkhova
25134 Rekechinskiy Io Vіlkhova
25135 Shchur Ms Vіlkhova
25136 Fayuk Vm Vіlkhova
25137 Korobka La Vіlkhova
25138 Yurchuk Pv Vіlkhova
25139 Khimenko As Vіlkhova
25143 Zhilka Vy Vіlkhova
25144 Zelenyak Ai Vіlkhova
25148 Zhilka Pb Vіlkhova
25149 Orishchenko Zd Vіlkhova
25150 Goloverda Mg Vіlkhova
25153 Tsimbal Yuі Vіlkhova
25154 Molodichuk Vv Vіlkhova
25156 Petrik Vya Vіlkhova
25157 Ocheretniy Vy Vіlkhova
25158 Bereza Vv Vіlkhova
25159 Kotsuruba Li Vіlkhova
25310 Semenda Op Bogdanіvka
25312 Lenchenko Vp Bogdanіvka
25313 Kosevich Vo Sinitsіvka
25315 Sologub Pv Sinitsіvka
25316 Yakubovska Vі Bogdanіvka
25317 Chorniy Vf Bogdanіvka
25318 Bozhko Im Bogdanіvka
25319 Shvets Ia Bogdanіvka
25320 Priymak Ni Bogdanіvka
25321 Semenda Pk Bogdanіvka
25323 Khimel Ma Bogdanіvka
25325 Poliychuk Bg Bogdanіvka
25327 Kovtanyuk Dm Bogdanіvka
25328 Kolisni Ek Sinitsіvka
25329 Maltseva Tm Bogdanіvka
25331 Pіnkas Rb Bogdanіvka
25333 Konstan Io Sinitsіvka
25334 Konyuchenko Vi Bogdanіvka
25335 Chirko Va Bogdanіvka
25337 Kravchenko Vp Bogdanіvka
25338 Smilyanets Bb Bogdanіvka

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