Reverse phone directory of Oster (CHernigovskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

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Phone Lastname, name Address
34632 Oleynik Sg Єvminka
34634 Shestavitskiy Vm Єvminka
34636 Zubatyuk Gd Єvminka
34637 Sheyko Ed Єvminka
34640 Pivovar Mp Єvminka
34641 Dida Id Єvminka
34643 Vlasik Iv Єvminka
34646 Guseva Om Єvminka
34647 Streletskiy Sf Єvminka
34648 Kubar Fi Єvminka
34649 Fedorenko Gp Єvminka
34650 Litosh Vm Єvminka
34651 Kozemirova Kf Єvminka
34652 Parkhomets Ka Єvminka
34654 Zhuk Os Єvminka
34655 Sadovaya Ep Єvminka, bld. 10
34658 Shumeyko Tp Єvminka
34659 Nesina Sp Єvminka
34661 Zhuk Tn Єvminka
34662 Shkurko Mi Єvminka
34663 Bozhok Ps Єvminka
34664 Gulivets Id Єvminka
34665 Shuryga Vi Єvminka
34666 Us Ni Krekhaїv
34668 Khizhnyak Vi Krekhaїv
34669 Shuryga Im Krekhaїv
34670 Karas Ni Єvminka
34671 Tavluy Ai Krekhaїv
34672 Koshelyuk Mf Єvminka
34674 Vlasik Lp Єvminka
34675 Bridko Gi Єvminka, bld. 4
34676 Beletska Nya Єvminka
34677 Mishinskiy Ig Єvminka
34678 Prokhorets Vn Єvminka
34679 Sheremet En Єvminka
34681 Romanishin Iv Єvminka
34682 Yushchenko Gv Єvminka
34683 Gorbach Gz Krekhaїv
34684 Karas Md Єvminka
34685 Potebnya Is Єvminka
34686 Kedi Vv Єvminka
34688 Kupriets Ma Єvminka
34689 Galagin Yav Єvminka
34691 Rozhkovskiy Lt Єvminka
34692 Ovdak Vm Єvminka
34693 Lastovets Ns Єvminka
34694 Potapenko Ae Krekhaїv
34695 Maga Ni Єvminka
34696 Litvinenko Vr Єvminka
34698 Tikholoz Av Єvminka

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