Reverse phone directory of Ichnya (CHernigovskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: UkraineIchnya phone numbers range 26740-26856

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Phone Lastname, name Address
26740 Shpanska Og Bіlmachіvka
26741 Sushko Lg Bіlmachіvka
26742 Slyusar Pm Bіlmachіvka
26743 Malyuga Gg Bіlmachіvka
26744 Malyuga Og Bіlmachіvka
26746 Oproshchenko Gp Bіlmachіvka
26747 Suray Fp Bіlmachіvka
26748 Suray Gk Bіlmachіvka
26750 Naumenko Tk Bіlmachіvka
26751 Tabachok Om Bіlmachіvka
26752 Prokopenko Mі Bіlmachіvka
26753 Toptun Vm Bіlmachіvka
26754 Shkolniy Vv Bіlmachіvka
26756 Deyneka Pі Bіlmachіvka
26757 Goncharova Na Bіlmachіvka
26758 Doroshenko Al Bіlmachіvka
26759 Radchenko Po Bіlmachіvka
26760 Morenets Uі Bіlmachіvka
26761 Denisenko Gі Bіlmachіvka
26762 Chmir Vp Bіlmachіvka
26764 Prokopenko Vm Bіlmachіvka
26765 Prokopenko Mp Bіlmachіvka
26766 Kotsyubenko Gp Bіlmachіvka
26767 Prokopenko Vr Bіlmachіvka
26769 Shkoda Va Bіlmachіvka
26771 Shpanskiy Vo Bіlmachіvka
26772 Prokopenko Vk Bіlmachіvka
26774 Trigub Oі Bіlmachіvka
26775 Morenets Nі Bіlmachіvka
26777 Trigub Mo Bіlmachіvka
26778 Yasko Mf Bіlmachіvka
26779 Doroshenko Nm Bіlmachіvka
26779 Toptun Md Bіlmachіvka
26780 Babenko Vv Bіlmachіvka
26781 Bortnik Mі Bіlmachіvka
26782 Goncharov Ma Bіlmachіvka
26783 Lilik Ma Bіlmachіvka
26786 Morenets Vі Bіlmachіvka
26787 Tyutkalo Іm Bіlmachіvka
26788 Kutchak Sv Bіlmachіvka
26792 Mukha Mg Bіlmachіvka
26795 Prokopenko Vo Bіlmachіvka
26796 Berus Mg Bіlmachіvka
26797 Denisenko Gp Bіlmachіvka
26808 Struk Gg Tomashіvka
26810 Kuzmenko Va Grabіv
26811 Mogilnyy Vv Grabіv
26811 Golovenko Ms Bakaїvka
26812 Miroshnik Aya Grabіv
26813 Beba Gp Bakaїvka

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