Reverse phone directory of Ichnya (CHernigovskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: UkraineIchnya phone numbers range 24192-24332

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Ichnya, phone numbers range 24192-24332 showed persons 1—50 from 93 (2.24 sec)

Phone Lastname, name Address
24192 Yakovenko Vm Vlasіvka
24195 Vasyura Va Parafіїvka
24199 Stetsenko Vv Parafіїvka
24203 Salko Ap Petrushіvka
24204 Strashko Om Parafіїvka
24208 Plyushchay Pp Parafіїvka
24209 Kurash Mv Parafіїvka
24210 Romanenko Ss Parafіїvka
24211 Kot Ss Vlasіvka
24212 Radchenko Mo Petrushіvka
24214 Kozin Mt Parafіїvka
24215 Yaresko Mg Parafіїvka
24216 Danko Mі Parafіїvka
24218 Romanovskiy Om Parafіїvka
24219 Lutsenko Oa Parafіїvka
24220 Levchenko Ap Parafіїvka
24222 Spitsya Ma Petrushіvka
24223 Kirichuk Іp Parafіїvka
24224 Safonova Kі Parafіїvka
24225 Krivonos Gg Parafіїvka
24226 Gronets Mv Parafіїvka
24227 Khoylo Ns Parafіїvka
24230 Shadura Vv Parafіїvka
24231 Borisov Ov Parafіїvka
24232 Kurlyuk Mm Parafіїvka
24233 Nesterenko La Parafіїvka
24234 Kravchenko Oa Parafіїvka
24237 Maksimcha Vv Parafіїvka
24241 Korchevska Om Parafіїvka
24243 Makarenko Oі Parafіїvka
24244 Yatselenko Oa Parafіїvka
24245 Avdeeva Ls Parafіїvka
24246 Chomor Sі Parafіїvka
24248 Sezon Ov Parafіїvka
24250 Zakharchenko Vo Parafіїvka
24251 Samus Ao Petrushіvka
24252 Lutsenko Oі Parafіїvka
24254 Cherep Va Petrushіvka
24255 Ermak Lі Parafіїvka
24256 Yatselenko Oya Parafіїvka
24258 Lutsenko Vv Parafіїvka
24262 Burenko Vb Parafіїvka
24263 Burburska Ms Parafіїvka
24264 Kaptol On Parafіїvka
24265 Andrusenko Gm Parafіїvka
24267 Kosenchuk Oa Parafіїvka
24268 Shkoda Vі Parafіїvka
24269 Pasternak Oі Parafіїvka
24270 Іvanyuk Vg Parafіїvka
24271 Posadnev Va Parafіїvka

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