Reverse phone directory of Skvira (Kievskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: UkraineSkvira phone numbers range 22162-22327

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Phone Lastname, name Address
22162 Zaets Mv Pustovarovka
22163 Kovalenko Ad Pustovarovka
22164 Zhurbenko Ap Pustovarovka
22165 Konovalyuk Mkh Pustovarovka
22166 Kupriyanchuk Ip Pustovarovka
22167 Vovkotrub Ni Pustovarovka
22168 Dubinskiy Am Pustovarovka
22169 Yukhimenko Ai Pustovarovka
22170 Rakochiy Vv Pustovarovka
22171 Stadnyuk Mp Pustovarovka / Lenina Ul., bld. 101
22172 Kupriyanchuk Ai Pustovarovka
22173 Barabash Mt Pustovarovka
22174 Nagornaya Ea Pustovarovka
22175 Bogatinchuk Vv Pustovarovka
22176 Yashchenko Vk Pustovarovka
22177 Kovalenko Os Pustovarovka
22178 Grebennik Pv Pustovarovka
22179 Luzhenetskiy Kp Pustovarovka
22180 Babich Sg Pustovarovka
22181 Mikusevich Mm Pustovarovka
22182 Kiva Vi Pustovarovka
22183 Bunchuk Yag Pustovarovka
22184 Avramenko Op Pustovarovka
22185 Kirichuk Om Pustovarovka
22186 Tsentilo Mk Pustovarovka
22187 Yukhimenko Pg Pustovarovka
22188 Poshtaruk Ai Pustovarovka
22189 Pokropivniy Nm Pustovarovka
22190 Litvinchuk Sv Pustovarovka
22192 Zhurbenko Gm Pustovarovka
22193 Kovalenko Ps Pustovarovka
22195 Zhurbenko Pm Pustovarovka
22196 Kulinich Pn Pustovarovka
22197 Zabolotniy Nv Pustovarovka
22198 Karpenko Vi Pustovarovka
22300 Kushpil Aa Tkhorovka
22301 Bakorev Aa Tkhorovka
22302 Berlous Aa Tkhorovka
22303 Samus Vya Tkhorovka
22304 Linchuk Aa Tkhorovka
22305 Skoromna Aa Tkhorovka
22307 Kushpil Aa Tkhorovka
22308 Bovetsnivskiy Sm Tkhorovka
22309 Senich Aa Tkhorovka
22312 Volotkina Aa Tkhorovka
22313 Volodkin Sv Tkhorovka
22315 Kvasha Aa Tkhorovka
22316 Volodkin Vi Tkhorovka
22317 Kishchuk Ii Tkhorovka
22320 Soroka Ii Tkhorovka

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