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Phone directory, sorted by last names — is a phone directory where listed lastnames in current city. If you select one lastname, you can see list of people with this lastname in current city. This phone directory will be useful for you, if you want to find some person and you know only his/her lastname. It is through with this phone directory Terminator T-800 found John Connor, a future leader of Resistance movement and helped him to win in the war of people with machines. Also, it is through with this phone directory Marty McFly found Dr. Emmett Brown in the 1955, who helped him restore historical course of events and come back to the future.

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Predst Ispolnit Dir Sov Org I Proved Natsion Loterei Bingo Nats Lotereya Bingo Gl Bukhgalter
Predstavitelstvo Ao Kazagromarketing V Pavlodar Obl Konsultant
Predstavitelstvo Ao Kazagromarketing V Pavlodar Obl Ofis
Predstavitelstvo Kompaniii Alyuvin Ip Gorelova Ni Izgotovlenie Plastikovykh Okon Chrbt10-19Ch
Predstavitelstvo Too "medkom-Kazakhstan" V Gorode Pavlodare (Ar) Arenda Interfarma I K
Predstavitelstvo Too Ariya M V G. Pavlodare Otdel Ne Ukazan
Predstavitelstvo Too Grin Khaus Pavlodar Zelenyy Dom Ofis Firma Orbit Produkt Pitan V Opt I Roznitsu
Predstavitelstvo Too Kazakhstan Sekyuriti Sistem(Ar) Ofis Po Rabote S Zaemshchikami Nbank,tabank

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