Phone directory of Aktau/SHevchenko, sorted by street names

Phone directory, sorted by street names — is a phone directory where showed list of streets names in current city. If you select one street name, you can see list of persons, who live on this street. If you select one of listed people, you can see full information about this person (such as phone number, name and address). Sometimes it is very useful to find out phone numbers of your neighbours or people, who live not far from you.

Dir: KazahstanAktau/SHevchenko

List of streets in the Aktau/SHevchenko city:

1-Y Mikrorayon 1-Ya Pribrezhnaya Zona 11-Y Mikrorayon 12-Y Mikrorayon 13-Y Mikrorayon 14-Y Mikrorayon 14-Y Mikrorayon, Tamshaly 15-Y Mikrorayon 15-Y Mikrorayon, 1-Y Massiv 15-Y Mikrorayon, Kottedzh 16-Y Mikrorayon 17-Y Mikrorayon 2-Y Mikrorayon 21-Y Mikrorayon 22-Y Mikrorayon 23-Y Mikrorayon 24-Y Mikrorayon 24-Y Mikrorayon, Kottedzh 26-Y Mikrorayon 27-Y Mikrorayon 28-Y Mikrorayon 28A Mikrorayon 29-Y Mikrorayon 29-Y Mikrorayon, 2-Y Massiv 29-Y Mikrorayon, Kottedzh 29-Y Mikrorayon, Tolkyn 3-Y Mikrorayon 3A Mikrorayon 3B Mikrorayon 4-Y Mikrorayon 5-Y Mikrorayon 6-Y Mikrorayon 7-Y Mikrorayon 8-Y Mikrorayon 9-Y Mikrorayon Akshukur Bayandy Birlik Vso Daulet Daulet 7 Kvartal Daulet 8 Kvartal Daulet Kvartal Kyzyltyube Abaya Kyzyltyube Araya Kyzyltyube Atameken Kyzyltyube Auezova Kyzyltyube Balausa Kyzyltyube Balausa 2 Kvartal Kyzyltyube Balausa Kvartal Kyzyltyube Valikhanova Kyzyltyube Dzhambula Kyzyltyube Dostyk Kyzyltyube Zheltoksan Kyzyltyube Imanova Kyzyltyube Kubla Kyzyltyube Kubla 1 Kvartal Kyzyltyube Kubla 2 Kvartal Kyzyltyube Kubla 3 Kvartal Kyzyltyube Kubla 4 Kvartal Kyzyltyube Kubla 5 Kvartal Kyzyltyube Kubla 6 Kvartal Kyzyltyube Kubla 7 Kvartal Kyzyltyube Kubla 8 Kvartal Kyzyltyube Mametova Kyzyltyube Mausym Kyzyltyube Mereke Kyzyltyube Moldagulova Kyzyltyube Mynbay Kyzyltyube Nauryz Kyzyltyube Niyazova Kyzyltyube Sagynysh Kyzyltyube Sovetskaya Kyzyltyube Transportnaya Kyzyltyube Turkestan Kyzyltyube Turkestan 1 Kvartal Kyzyltyube Turkestan 2 Kvartal Kyzyltyube Turkestan 3 Kvartal Kyzyltyube Turkestan 4 Kvartal Kyzyltyube Turkestan 6 Kvartal Kyzyltyube Turkestan Kvartal Mangistau Mangistau 12 Kvartal Mangistau Esmambet Mangistau Ongarbekuly Mangistau Shapagatova Primorskaya Zona Priozernyy Priozernyy Sot Zaozernyy Sot Sintez Leningrad Sot Sintez Leningrad Sot Sintez Moskovskaya Sot Sintez Tashkentskaya Sot Urozhay Umirzak Umirzak Energetik Energetik

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