Phone directory of Terenozek (Kyzylordinskaya oblast), sorted by street names

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Dir: KazahstanTerenozek Aul Chirkeyli Ul. Abaya

List of inhabitants, who live on this address:

Terenozek, Aul Chirkeyli Ul. Abaya: showed persons 1—14 from 14 (0.26 sec)

Phone Lastname, name Address
24718 Aginov Zhaken Aul CHirkeyli Ul. Abaya
24848 Aytbaev Baybol Aul CHirkeyli Ul. Abaya
24824 Kulymbetov Utegen Aul CHirkeyli Ul. Abaya
24838 Maylykozhaev Zhanarbek Aul CHirkeyli Ul. Abaya
24768 Makhanbetzhanov Kamal Aul CHirkeyli Ul. Abaya
24809 Spanova Sholpan Aul CHirkeyli Ul. Abaya
24850 Zeynullauly Naspeddin Aul CHirkeyli Ul. Abaya, bld. 6
24609 Shakenova Kunsulu Aul CHirkeyli Ul. Abaya, bld. 6
24807 Erzhanova Rash Aul CHirkeyli Ul. Abaya, bld. 7
24645 Ibadildaeva Kansulu Aul CHirkeyli Ul. Abaya, bld. 9
24647 Sarsenaliev Galymzhan Rustembekovich Aul CHirkeyli Ul. Abaya, bld. 14
24851 Makhanbetzhanov Tursyn Aul CHirkeyli Ul. Abaya, bld. 18
24663 Suleymenov Almat Baynazarovich Aul CHirkeyli Ul. Abaya, bld. 19
24667 Syzdykov Burkitbay Aul CHirkeyli Ul. Abaya, bld. 29

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