Phone directory of SHubar-kuduk (Aktyubinskaya oblast), sorted by street names

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Dir: KazahstanSHubar-kuduk _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy

List of inhabitants, who live on this address:

SHubar-kuduk, _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy: showed persons 1—26 from 26 (0.01 sec)

Phone Lastname, name Address
26104 Shormanov Marat Balabaevich _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy
27658 Tulenova Talshyn Duysenbaevna _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy
26201 Izmukhanov Utegen _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy
26011 Zharylgasova Asiya Amanova _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy
27641 Esengulov Aymurza _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy
26083 Bisengaliev Amangeldy Abuovich _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy
27644 Burtebaeva Alma Izbaganovna _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 1
27709 Artykova Gulbarsha Amanbaevna _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 1
26066 Munatova Aysha Aganaevna _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 2
27656 Abitova Bibislu Mukhambetovna _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 3
27708 Shagimullina Rimma Maratovna _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 4
26229 Nurgaliev Serikpay _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 4
26209 Khauaniya Sipat _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 5
26286 Bisenov Erkebay Takauovich _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 5
27668 Kryldakov Saylau _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 5
27567 Balmukhan Adil _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 5
27616 Basenov Anuar Basenovich _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 6
26374 Seytmaganbetov Bertash Seytmaganbetovich _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 6
26039 Baymukhamedov Mels Amanbaevich _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 7
27603 Makashev Elesh Eleusinovich _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 8
26516 Chuykova Olga Petrovna _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 9
26040 Blyalov Kairli _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 10
27586 Kokhanov Utebergen _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 16
26161 Eltezerov Dat _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 16, appt. 1
27761 Zhaksylykova Gulshara Kozhamuratovna _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 20
26079 Ubniev Nursipat _Kenkiyak Ul.kurmangazy, bld. 31

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