Phone directory of SHubar-kuduk (Aktyubinskaya oblast), sorted by street names

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Dir: KazahstanSHubar-kuduk _Kenkiyakbuilding 29

List of inhabitants, who live on this address:

SHubar-kuduk, _Kenkiyak, building 29: showed persons 1—13 from 13 (0.03 sec)

Phone Lastname, name Address
27510 Baldibekov Adilbek Kistaubaevich _Kenkiyak, bld. 29, appt. 2
26432 Akhmedzhanova Orazgul Ospanovna _Kenkiyak, bld. 29, appt. 4
27522 Sitnikova Nadezhda Andreevna _Kenkiyak, bld. 29, appt. 5
26496 Shiderbaeva Nesibeli Saginovna _Kenkiyak, bld. 29, appt. 6
26459 Mambetov Asylbek Seylkhanuly _Kenkiyak, bld. 29, appt. 8
26461 Baykanov Erbolat Tanatarovich _Kenkiyak, bld. 29, appt. 9
27508 Karasholak Zhanbolat Zhenisuly _Kenkiyak, bld. 29, appt. 10
26593 Kazankina Elena Vladimirovna _Kenkiyak, bld. 29, appt. 11
26147 Esenamanova Amangildy _Kenkiyak, bld. 29, appt. 12
27920 Kolganatov Nurlybek _Kenkiyak, bld. 29, appt. 12
26313 Tulebaeva Nurganym _Kenkiyak, bld. 29, appt. 15
26578 Koshchanov Darkhan Duysenbaevich _Kenkiyak, bld. 29, appt. 16
26466 Segizbaev Saken Smagzamovich _Kenkiyak, bld. 29, appt. 17

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