Phone directory of Borzna (CHernigovskaya oblast), sorted by street names

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Dir: UkraineBorzna Smolyazh

List of inhabitants, who live on this address:

Borzna, Smolyazh: showed persons 1—30 from 30 (0.00 sec)

Phone Lastname, name Address
29911 Naumenko Mv Smolyazh
29932 Prikhodko Ii Smolyazh
29933 Mikolenko Vi Smolyazh
29934 Kosukha Mya Smolyazh
29937 Yarmak Mm Smolyazh
29941 Pakhno Mg Smolyazh
29945 Babich Lm Smolyazh
29951 Novak Al Smolyazh
29952 Bolshak Gi Smolyazh
29953 Kozachok Ip Smolyazh
29954 Kovalenko Mi Smolyazh
29955 Marunich Eg Smolyazh
29956 Naumenko Mp Smolyazh
29957 Bolshak Vm Smolyazh
29931 Naumenko Gi Smolyazh
29929 Novak Pa Smolyazh
29912 Naumenko Ad Smolyazh
29913 Saenko Gf Smolyazh
29914 Usik Pm Smolyazh
29915 Shkarupa Am Smolyazh
29917 Petrenko Gp Smolyazh
29918 Bolshak Vya Smolyazh
29919 Kozoriz Mkh Smolyazh
29922 Rozhanskiy Nn Smolyazh
29923 Bolshak Mv Smolyazh
29924 Petrenko Pm Smolyazh
29926 Budakova Gv Smolyazh
29927 Naumenko Lf Smolyazh
29928 Malashenko Vp Smolyazh
29958 Fedorenko Au Smolyazh

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