Phone directory of Borzna (CHernigovskaya oblast), sorted by street names

Phone directory, sorted by street names — is a phone directory where showed list of streets names in current city. If you select one street name, you can see list of persons, who live on this street. If you select one of listed people, you can see full information about this person (such as phone number, name and address). Sometimes it is very useful to find out phone numbers of your neighbours or people, who live not far from you.

Dir: UkraineBorzna

List of streets in the Borzna city:

1 Travnya Vul. 40-Rіchchya Peremogi Vul. 40-Rіchchya Peremogi Prov. 50-Rіchchya Zhovtnya Vul. 60-Rіchchya Vlksm Vul. Avіatsії Vul. Balabanova Vul. Berestovets Berestovets / Vrozhayna Vul. Berestovets / Zhovtneva Vul. Berestovets / Lenіna Vul. Berestovets / Naberezhna Vul. Berestovets / Radyanska Vul. Berestovets / Chervoniy Prov. Berestovets / Chervoniy Shlyakh Vul. Berestovets / Shevchenka T. Vul. Bozhenka Vul. Vatutіna Vul. Velika Doch Velika Doch / Zalіznichna Vul. Velika Doch / Lenіna Vul. Velika Doch / Privokzalna Vul. Velika Doch / Robіtnicha Vul. Velika Doch / Robocha Vul. Velika Doch / Shkіlna Vul. Velika Zagorіvka Velika Zagorіvka / 1 Travnya Vul. Velika Zagorіvka / Gerashchenko Vul. Velika Zagorіvka / Grishchenko Vul. Velika Zagorіvka / Zhovtneva Vul. Velika Zagorіvka / Lenіna Vul. Velika Zagorіvka / Peremogi Vul. Velika Zagorіvka / Radyanska Vul. Velika Zagorіvka / Sverdlova Vul. Velika Zagorіvka / Khmelnitskogo B. Vul. Visoke Visoke / Lenіna Vul. Visoke / Marksa K. Vul. Visoke / Molodіzhna Vul. Visoke / Petrovskogo Vul. Visoke / Polova Vul. Visoke / Radyanska Vul. Visoke / Sadova Vul. Visoke / Shevchenka T. Vul. Volovitsya Volodarskogo Vul. Volodarskogo Prov. Voloskіvtsі Gagarіna Vul. Gaydara Vul. Gaydara Prov. Galaybine Gogolya Vul. Golovenki Golovenki / Іnternatsіonalіstіv Vul. Golovenki / Peremogi Vul. Golovenki / Proletarska Vul. Golovenki / Chervonoarmіyska Vul. Gorkogo Vul. Greblya / Pershotravneva Vul. Greblya / Pershotravneviy Prov. Greblya / Shevchenka T. Prov. Greblya / Yurchenka Vul. Grishіvka Dzerzhinskogo Vul. Domnitsya Doch St. Druzhbi Vul. Engelsa Vul. Engelsa Prov. Zhovtneva Vul. Zabіlіvshchina Zabіlіvshchina / Druzhbi Vul. Zabіlіvshchina / Miru Vul. Zabіlіvshchina / Sadova Vul. Zabіlіvshchina / Shevchenka T. Vul. Zarіchna Vul. Іllіntsі Іllіntsі / Vrozhayna Vul. Іllіntsі / Kіrova Vul. Kalіnіna Vul. Karbisheva Vul. Kіrova Vul. Kіrova Prov. Kolgospna Vul. Komarova Vul. Komsomolu Ukraїni Vul. Komuni 2 Prov. Komuni Vul. Komunіstichna Vul. Komunіstichniy Prov. Konoshіvka / Postisheva Vul. Kosmodemyanskoї Z. Vul. Kotovskogo Vul. Kotovskogo Prov. Krasnosіlska Vul. Krasnosіlske Krasnosіlske / 30-Rіchchya Peremogi Vul. Krasnosіlske / 60-Rіchchya Zhovtnya Vul. Krasnosіlske / Vorovskogo Vul. Krasnosіlske / Gagarіna Vul. Krasnosіlske / Dzerzhinskogo Vul. Krasnosіlske / Lenіna Vul. Krasnosіlske / Proletarska Vul. Krasnosіlske / Radyanska Vul. Krasnosіlske / Selyanska Vul. Krasnosіlske / Chervona Vul. Krasnosіlskogo Vul. Krasnostav Krasnostav / Zagrebіllya Vul. Krasnostav / Krivoshіїva Vul. Krasnostav / Shevchenka T. Vul. Krasnostav / Shkіlna Vul. Krupskoї Vul. Krupskoї Prov. Kuznetsova Vul. Kuybisheva Vul. Lenіna 1 Prov. Lenіna 2 Prov. Lenіna Vul. Lenіna Prov. Lermontova Vul. Lermontova Prov. Lesі Ukraїnki Vul. Lesі Ukraїnki Prov. Leshchenko Vul. Linіvka Lіbknekhta K. Vul. Lіbknekhta K. Prov. Lunacharskogo Vul. Lyubomudrіvka Lyuksembupg R. Prov. Lyuksemburg R. 1 Prov. Lyuksemburg R. 2 Prov. Lyuksemburg R. 3 Prov. Lyuksemburg R. Vul. Mala Doch Mala Zagorіvka Mala Zagorіvka / 8 Bereznya Vul. Mala Zagorіvka / Miru Vul. Mala Zagorіvka / Sadova Vul. Mala Zagorіvka / Chervone Ozero Vul. Manuіlskogo Vul. Marksa K. Vul. Marksa K. Prov. Mikolaїvka Mikolaїvka / Gagarіna Vul. Mikolaїvka / Kіrova Vul. Mikolaїvka / Kіrova Prov. Mikolaїvka / Korolko Vul. Mikolaїvka / Lenіna Vul. Mikolaїvka / Molodіzhna Vul. Mikolaїvka / Pilipenko Vul. Mikolaїvka / Pridesnyanska Vul. Mikolaїvka / Sadova Vul. Mikolaїvka / Ukraїnska Vul. Mikolaїvka / Shkіlniy Prov. Miru Vul. Miru Prov. Mіzhnarodna Vul. Mіzhnarodniy Prov. Mіchurіna Vul. Molodіzhna Vul. Motronіvka Moshchne / Beglova Vul. Naberezhna Vul. Nekrasova Vul. Novoselіvka Noselіvka Noselіvka / 1 Travnya Vul. Noselіvka / Avіatsії Vul. Noselіvka / Gagarіna Vul. Noselіvka / Komsomolska Vul. Noselіvka / Krupskoї Vul. Noselіvka / Lenіna Vul. Noselіvka / Mayakovskogo Vul. Noselіvka / Ordzhonіkіdze Vul. Noselіvka / Proletarska Vul. Noselіvka / Pushkіna Vul. Ozerne Ozerne / 50-Rіchchya Zhovtnya Vul. Ozerne / Zhovtneva Vul. Ozerne / Zarіchna Vul. Ozerne / Kosmonavtіv Vul. Ozerne / Lenіna Vul. Ozerne / Lesі Ukraїnki Vul. Ozerne / Marksa K. Vul. Ozerne / Molodіzhna Vul. Ozerne / Molodіzhniy Prov. Ozerne / Naberezhna Vul. Ozerne / Ostrovskogo Vul. Ozerne / Polova Vul. Ozerne / Radyanska Vul. Ozerne / Radyanskiy Prov. Ozerne / Sadova Vul. Ozerne / Sverdlova Vul. Ozerne / Shevchenka T. Vul. Olenіvka Olenіvka / 50-Rіchchya Zhovtnya Vul. Olenіvka / Vokzalna Vul. Olenіvka / Zhdanova Vul. Olenіvka / Kalіnіna Vul. Olenіvka / Kolgospna Vul. Olenіvka / Komsomolska Vul. Olenіvka / Lenіna Vul. Olenіvka / Marksa K. Vul. Olenіvka / Matrosova Vul. Olenіvka / Mayakovskogo Vul. Olenіvka / Mіchurіna Vul. Olenіvka / Novіkova Vul. Olenіvka / Proletarska Vul. Olenіvka / Suvorova Vul. Olenіvka / Frunze Vul. Olenіvka / Shchorsa Vul. Ombish Ombish / Kalіnіna Vul. Ombish / Kolgospna Vul. Ombish / Komsomolska Vul. Ombish / Komunarіv Vul. Ombish / Lenіna Vul. Ombish / Radyanska Vul. Ombish / Shevchenka T. Vul. Ordzhonіkіdze Vul. Ordzhonіkіdze Prov. Ostrovskogo Vul. Parizkoї Komuni 1 Prov. Parizkoї Komuni 2 Prov. Parizkoї Komuni Prov. Parkova Vul. Partizanska Vul. Pechі Pechі / Proletarska Vul. Pliski Pliski / Zhovtneva Vul. Pliski / Kiїvska Vul. Pliski / Kіrova Vul. Pliski / Kolgospna Vul. Pliski / Lenіna Vul. Pliski / Peremogi Vul. Pliski / Pershotravneva Vul. Pliski / Poshtova Vul. Pliski / Privokzalna Vul. Pliski / Robocha Vul. Pliski / Chapaєva Vul. Pliski / Shevchenka T. Vul. Pliski / Shchorsa Vul. Podvoyskogo Vul. Podin / Partizanska Vul. Podin / Chebotko Vul. Polova Vul. Postisheva Vul. Pravoberezhna Vul. Prachі Prachі / Veteranіv Vіyni Vul. Prachі / Lenіna Vul. Prachі / Naberezhna Vul. Prachі / Sadova Vul. Prachі / Frunze Vul. Proletarska Vul. Pushkіna Vul. Radgospne Radyanska Vul. Robіtnichiy Prov. Robocha Vul. Robochiy Prov. Sadova Vul. Sverdlova 1 Prov. Sverdlova 2 Prov. Sverdlova Vul. Sverdlova Prov. Sivolozh Sivolozh / Voroshilova Vul. Sivolozh / Vrozhayna Vul. Sivolozh / Gagarіna Vul. Sivolozh / Gogolya Vul. Sivolozh / Zhovtneva Vul. Sivolozh / Kіrova Vul. Sivolozh / Kosmonavtіv Vul. Sivolozh / Lenіna Vul. Sivolozh / Traktorna Vul. Sivolozh / Chervonikh Partizanіv Vul. Sivolozh / Shevchenka T. Vul. Sidorіvka Sidorіvka / Lenіna Vul. Sidorіvka / Lugova Vul. Smolyazh Smolyazh / Lenіna Vul. Stepanіvka Stepanіvka / 1 Travnya Vul. Stepanіvka / Vorovskogo Vul. Stepanіvka / Voroshilova Vul. Stepanіvka / Gagarіna Vul. Stepanіvka / Gaїvka Vul. Stepanіvka / Gorkogo Vul. Stepanіvka / Kotsyubinskogo Vul. Stepanіvka / Lenіna Vul. Stepanіvka / Makova Vul. Stepanіvka / Matrosova Vul. Stepanіvka / Naberezhna Vul. Stepanіvka / Netrebi Vul. Stepanіvka / Chervonikh Partizanіv Vul. Stepanіvka / Chernishov Vul. Stepanіvka / Chernishovikh Vul. Stepanіvka / Shevchenka T. Vul. Stepanіvka / Shchorsa Vul. Stepova Vul. Trostyanka Trostyanka / Lenіna Vul. Uritskogo 1 Prov. Uritskogo 2 Prov. Uritskogo 3 Prov. Uritskogo Vul. Uritskogo Prov. Khalturina Vul. Khmelnitskogo B. Vul. Khovmi Khovmi / Beregova Vul. Khovmi / Zhovtneva Vul. Khovmi / Kіrova Vul. Khovmi / Kolgospna Vul. Khovmi / Lenіna Vul. Khovmi / Naberezhna Vul. Khovmi / Sadova Vul. Khovmi / Slobodska Vul. Khovmi / Shkіlna Vul. Khovmi / Shchorsa Vul. Chapaєva Vul. Chervone Selishche Chervonoarmіyska Vul. Chicherіna Vul. Chuvirіna Vul. Shapovalіvka Shapovalіvka / Voroshilova Vul. Shapovalіvka / Gagarіna Vul. Shapovalіvka / Kolgospna Vul. Shapovalіvka / Komarova Vul. Shapovalіvka / Komsomolska Vul. Shapovalіvka / Lenіna Vul. Shapovalіvka / Mіzhnarodna Vul. Shapovalіvka / Naberezhna Vul. Shapovalіvka / Peremogi Vul. Shapovalіvka / Podolyako Vul. Shapovalіvka / Popudrenka Vul. Shapovalіvka / Sadova Vul. Shapovalіvka / Frunze Vul. Shapovalіvka / Chapaєva Vul. Shapovalіvka / Shchorsa Vul. Shevchenka T. Vul. Shevchenka T. Prov. Shchorsa Vul. Yaduti Yaduti / Zhovtneva Vul. Yaduti / Naberezhna Vul. Yaduti / Sadova Vul. Yaduti / Chapaєva Vul. Yaduti / Chervona Vul. Yaduti / Chicherіna Vul. Yaduti / Shevchenka T. Vul.

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