Phone directory of Zborov (Ternopolskaya oblast), sorted by street names

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Dir: UkraineZborov Mshanets

List of inhabitants, who live on this address:

Zborov, Mshanets: showed persons 1—50 from 72 (0.10 sec)

Phone Lastname, name Address
35799 Starepravo Sm Mshanets
35775 Shverida Mm Mshanets
35774 Buyarskiy Sm Mshanets
35773 Gnatyuk Om Mshanets
35772 Lutsik As Mshanets
35771 Gavrishchak Va Mshanets
35769 Rogan Gp Mshanets
35768 Slupska Ov Mshanets
35767 Gural Gm Mshanets
35766 Kucher Mp Mshanets
35765 Boyarskiy Sі Mshanets
35764 Pіdgіrskiy Oa Mshanets
35761 Kozlovska Nі Mshanets
35760 Servilo Pg Mshanets
35758 Іvanchishin Rі Mshanets
35757 Dzoba Om Mshanets
35754 Kravchuk Vs Mshanets
35777 Rogan Sv Mshanets
35780 Beregoviy Tt Mshanets
35798 Rogan Be Mshanets
35797 Bezkorovayna Mv Mshanets
35795 Skibilyak Vs Mshanets
35794 Kravchuk Zm Mshanets
35793 Moroz Mv Mshanets
35792 Ostyak Bv Mshanets
35791 Redkva Md Mshanets
35789 Vіktorovska Gі Mshanets
35788 Pachkovska Єv Mshanets
35787 Sisak Іa Mshanets
35786 Palashovska At Mshanets
35785 Balik Mya Mshanets
35784 Bodak Mm Mshanets
35783 Danilyuk Be Mshanets
35782 Zherebniy Yam Mshanets
35781 Zhelan Sі Mshanets
35753 Galitska Vo Mshanets
35752 Kravchuk Pm Mshanets
35725 Buyarskiy Yao Mshanets
35724 Gavrishchak Sv Mshanets
35723 Yasіnovska Mv Mshanets
35722 Dyado Am Mshanets
35721 Rogan Sі Mshanets
35718 Moroz Sm Mshanets
35717 Romanіv Mm Mshanets
35716 Beregoviy Ma Mshanets
35714 Andrіevskiy Bі Mshanets
35713 Lutsik As Mshanets
35712 Shlyakhetko Vm Mshanets
35711 Mayboroda Pі Mshanets
35710 Baranovska Os Mshanets

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