Phone directory of Bendery (Moldova), sorted by street names

Phone directory, sorted by street names — is a phone directory where showed list of streets names in current city. If you select one street name, you can see list of persons, who live on this street. If you select one of listed people, you can see full information about this person (such as phone number, name and address).

Dir: MoldovaBendery Treugolnyy Per.

List of inhabitants, who live on this address:

Bendery, Treugolnyy Per.: showed persons 1—6 from 6 (0.05 sec)

Phone Lastname, name Address
66636 Kozhevnikova Ps Treugolnyy Per., bld. 3/0
66736 Abramova Lf Treugolnyy Per., bld. 3/0
80128 Sultanov Ayu Treugolnyy Per., bld. 4/0
80407 Romanenko Lz Treugolnyy Per., bld. 7/0
80408 Dechev Mf Treugolnyy Per., bld. 9/0
61776 Rastorguev Vi Treugolnyy Per., bld. 11/0

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