Phone directory of YUrmala (Latvia), sorted by street names

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Dir: LatviaYUrmala Upes

List of inhabitants, who live on this address:

YUrmala, Upes: showed persons 1—23 from 23 (0.20 sec)

Phone Lastname, name Address
67767540 Kemers Uldis Upes, bld. 9/A
67767490 Selis Ventis Upes, bld. 11
67767651 Kuznecovs Nikolajs Upes, bld. 13
67767485 Mikelsons Raimonds Upes, bld. 13
67767093 Hasanovs Muhameds Upes, bld. 15/A
67767474 Pagire Nadezda Upes, bld. 15/A
67768791 Riekstina Biruta Upes, bld. 16
67767538 Sarapa Vera Upes, bld. 16
67768790 Lauksargs Rihards Upes, bld. 16
67767803 Ttmsans Rihards Upes, bld. 17
67767633 Ukrinas Jurgis Upes, bld. 17/A
67768476 Purvina Rimma Upes, bld. 22
67768173 Polskis Igors Upes, bld. 24
67768498 Tetere Vilma Upes, bld. 24
67768500 Zaharova Raisa Upes, bld. 24/A
67768235 Irbe Kristine Upes, bld. 25
67767667 Rozudarze Stasija Upes, bld. 27
67768172 Vitola Lonna Upes, bld. 28
67768836 Kalnina Dina Upes, bld. 36
67767092 Moreins Isaks Upes, bld. 36/A
67768796 Dersena Natalija Upes, bld. 38
67767112 Kubulins Edmunds Upes, bld. 46
67768653 Surs Abrams Upes, bld. 52

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