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Phone directory of Liepaya (Latvia), sorted by street names

Phone directory, sorted by street names — is a phone directory where showed list of streets names in current city. If you select one street name, you can see list of persons, who live on this street. If you select one of listed people, you can see full information about this person (such as phone number, name and address). Sometimes it is very useful to find out phone numbers of your neighbours or people, who live not far from you.

Looking address: LatviaLiepayaSlimnicas (page 2)

List of inhabitants, who live on this address:

Showed persons 51-100 from 148 (0.010 sec.)

PhoneLastname, firstnameAddress
63471026Raudonike NatalijaSlimnicas, bld. 9
63471394Kannins AinarsSlimnicas, bld. 9
63475364Gintere OlitaSlimnicas, bld. 9
63475358Kronberga GuntaSlimnicas, bld. 9
63472075Ceberga LieniteSlimnicas, bld. 9
63475341Araja ArijaSlimnicas, bld. 9
63475343Kitana GalinaSlimnicas, bld. 9
63475356Kotrovskis JurijsSlimnicas, bld. 9
63475347Lipsta GunitaSlimnicas, bld. 9
63475351Stote DzidraSlimnicas, bld. 9
63471863Manfelde IrmaSlimnicas, bld. 9
63475355Elmae ElitaSlimnicas, bld. 9
63471825Gravina-Greve IrinaSlimnicas, bld. 9
63471642Cislonoks IgorsSlimnicas, bld. 9
63475361Murniece Lida-ValijaSlimnicas, bld. 9
63475363Linavska NoraSlimnicas, bld. 9
63475362Haritonova RaisaSlimnicas, bld. 9
63475015Klievena AnitaSlimnicas, bld. 9
63475360Kans AlbertsSlimnicas, bld. 9
63471466Zilaisgailis UgisSlimnicas, bld. 9
63475249Gludause SkaidriteSlimnicas, bld. 13
63474677Dreitlathens JanisSlimnicas, bld. 13
63474104Blums MarisSlimnicas, bld. 13
63474413Dobele IneseSlimnicas, bld. 13
63474217Grigorjeva Marta-HelenaSlimnicas, bld. 13
63474628Fominova TatjanaSlimnicas, bld. 13
63475266Nazarovs EduardsSlimnicas, bld. 13
63471014Perkone AnitaSlimnicas, bld. 13
63474524Romane IngunaSlimnicas, bld. 13
63475061Rozga PetrsSlimnicas, bld. 13
63474326Hmelnicka AltaSlimnicas, bld. 13
63473867Zarakovska RovenaSlimnicas, bld. 13
63472020Kucinskis EduardsSlimnicas, bld. 13
63473184Zarembina RitaSlimnicas, bld. 13
63473179Menko VlodimirsSlimnicas, bld. 13
63473173Rozentals JanisSlimnicas, bld. 13
63473161Sneiders JanisSlimnicas, bld. 13
63471333Porina IngunaSlimnicas, bld. 13
63473140Berezina GalinaSlimnicas, bld. 13
63473117Strolis ImantsSlimnicas, bld. 13
63471413Rone IneseSlimnicas, bld. 13
63472727Kuzmina VairaSlimnicas, bld. 13
63471468Borisovs MihailsSlimnicas, bld. 13
63471628Grisle BirutaSlimnicas, bld. 13
63472234Ruja OjarsSlimnicas, bld. 13
63471044Kirpicenoks HarijsSlimnicas, bld. 13
63472005Gutmane VijaSlimnicas, bld. 13
63472008Bluma DaigaSlimnicas, bld. 13
63472013Visnevskis VilisSlimnicas, bld. 13
63473189Palapa AusmaSlimnicas, bld. 13

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