Reverse phone directory of Novocherkassk (Rostovskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: RussiaNovocherkassk phone numbers range 36857-36865

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Phone Lastname, name Address
36857 Gorobtsova Az Belyaeva, bld. 23
36858 Ibragimov Tk Sportivnaya, bld. 25, appt. 56
36859 Demyanov Aa Gorkogo, bld. 7, appt. 57
36860 Khoruzhaya Lv Sportivnaya, bld. 27, appt. 39
36861 Bogatyrev Ip Berdichevskogo, bld. 15, appt. 33
36862 Erokhin Yui Gvardeyskaya, bld. 16, appt. 12
36863 Moskovchenko Bv Sportivnaya, bld. 25, appt. 17
36864 Bondarenko Gv Solnechnaya, bld. 6, appt. 33
36865 Dudchenko Ln Kalinina, bld. 65, appt. 2

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