Reverse phone directory of Velikie Luki (Pskovskaya oblast)

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Dir: RussiaVelikie Luki phone numbers range 74165-74175

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Phone Lastname, name Address
74165 Rusakov Vi 5 Tankistov Ul., bld. 26
74166 Fedorov Pg Lenina Ul., bld. 10/29, appt. 12
74167 Antonov Ag Dvoretskaya Ul., bld. 13, appt. 19
74168 Egorova Gb Dvoretskaya Ul., bld. 13, appt. 24
74169 Kholmichev Vg Dvoretskaya Ul., bld. 13, appt. 7
74170 Ovchinnikov Vp Nagornyy, bld. 1, appt. 58
74171 Maystrenok Ea Zelenaya Ul., bld. 11, appt. 48
74172 Chernetsova Vm Timiryazeva Ul., bld. 19, appt. 68
74174 Korolev Ai Vinatovskogo Ul., bld. 28, appt. 17
74175 Cherkasov Ap Timiryazeva Ul., bld. 19, appt. 80

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