Reverse phone directory of Livny (Orlovskaya oblast)

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Phone Lastname, name Address
32488 Rogacheva Galina Petrovna Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32491 Revin Aleksey Alekseevich Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32492 Ziborov Nikolay Nikolaevich Gaydara Ul., bld. 2/А
32493 Borodin Dmitriy Vasilevich Selishcheva Ul., bld. 24/А
32494 Kovaleva Valentina Alekseevna Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32495 Agibalova Leonora Vasilevna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 41
32496 Zhivotov Vadim Nikolaevich Pobedy Ul., bld. 5
32497 Zakharova Nina Mikhaylovna Pobedy Ul., bld. 1
32498 Demidova Mariya Alekseevna Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32499 Sheludchenkov Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 29
32500 Brykova Galina Anatolevna Denisova Ul., bld. 13
32502 Shchepetev Ivan Romanovich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 29
32503 Androsov Evgeniy Valentinovich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 29
32504 Slukina Lidiya Egorovna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 29
32505 Rybin Gennadiy Tikhonovich Mira Ul., bld. 217/А
32507 Savenkova Nina Mikhaylovna Selishcheva Ul., bld. 7
32508 Makashova Raisa Ivanovna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 15/А
32510 Nerovnykh Aleksandr Vasilevich Gaydara Ul., bld. 1
32511 Ovsyannikov Aleksandr Filippovich Mira Ul., bld. 211/А
32512 Rudneva Valentina Ivanovna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 19
32513 Shalamova Nadezhda Petrovna Oktyabrskaya Pl., bld. 29
32514 Shitikova Lyudmila Grigorevna Mira Ul., bld. 178
32515 Bashkatova Lyubov Dmitrievn Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32516 Bolycheva Svetlana Anatolevna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 13
32518 Slastukhina Tatyana Nikolaevna Selishcheva Ul., bld. 2
32519 Mishin Yuriy Vitalevich Mira Ul., bld. 217/А
32520 Teryaeva Zinaida Vasilevna Gaydara Ul., bld. 1
32521 Bolotskikh Lyubov Vladimirovna Mira Ul., bld. 221/А
32522 Glushkov Boris Petrovich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 19
32523 Zvereva Elena Illarionovna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 1/А
32524 Agafopodov Vladimir Georgievich Mira Ul., bld. 178
32526 Podkolzina Nadezhda Sergeev Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 13
32527 Dobrorodnova Tatyana Alekseevna Pobedy Ul., bld. 19
32528 Kinyakina Anastasiya Aleksandrovna Selishcheva Ul., bld. 2
32529 Selishchev Ivan Alekseevich Mira Ul., bld. 217/А
32530 Katargina Galina Aleksandrovna Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32531 Ivanilova Nina Radionovna Mira Ul., bld. 197
32532 Savkova Valentina Stefanovna Selishcheva Ul., bld. 7
32533 Karlova Nadezhda Petrovna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 21
32534 Lukyanova Nadezhda Alekseevna Mira Ul., bld. 142
32535 Afonina Taisiya Ivanovna Mira Ul., bld. 138
32536 Fetisov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Pobedy Ul., bld. 1
32537 Zhigareva Olga Leonidovna Mira Ul., bld. 221/А
32539 Borodina Anna Alekseevna Gaydara Ul., bld. 2/А
32541 Yakunina Lyudmila Nikolaevna Gaydara Ul., bld. 2/А
32542 Mamonov Mikhail Vasilevich Mira Ul., bld. 203
32544 Kozlov Mikhail Semenovich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 33
32546 Smagina Galina Mikhaylovna Gaydara Ul., bld. 7
32547 Leonova Tatyana Nikolaevna Pobedy Ul., bld. 5
32548 Borodina Elena Leonidovna Denisova Ul., bld. 7

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