Reverse phone directory of Livny (Orlovskaya oblast)

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Phone Lastname, name Address
32242 Mosalova Raisa Vasilevna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 29
32243 Shapovalova Irina Vladimtokhina Lidiya Sergeevna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 12/А
32244 Shumchenko Ivan Ivanovich Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32245 Borzykh Vadelman Georgievich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 3
32247 Yakovlev Nikolay Gavrilovich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 15/А
32248 Pashkov Aleksey Petrovich Denisova Ul., bld. 5
32249 Afanaseva Zinaida Semenovna Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32250 Androsov Vladimir Valentinovich Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32251 Kaverina Valentina Vladimirovna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 15/А
32252 Korunova Tatyana Alekseevna Mira Ul., bld. 205
32254 Golovina Olga Ivanovna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 12/А
32255 Kiseleva Lyudmila Vasilevna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 12/А
32256 Altukhova Lidiya Andreevna Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32257 Nesterov Vasiliy Ivanovich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 29
32258 Selin Pavel Egorovich Denisova Ul., bld. 34
32260 Zolotnikova Lyudmila Ivanovna Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32261 Maltseva Lyudmila Vladimirovna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 7
32262 Okorokov Aleksandr Vladimirovich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 31
32263 Lvin Andrey Valentinovich Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32264 Maltseva Ekaterina Pavlovna Mira Ul., bld. 205
32265 Bobkin Mikhail Ivanovich Gaydara Ul., bld. 4
32266 Panteleev Nikolay Alekseevich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 15/А
32268 Kulakovskiy Semen Dmitrievich Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32269 Kozhukhova Nadezhda Vasilevna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 12/А
32270 Rumyantsev Aleksandr Nikolaevich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 19
32271 Golovina Lidiya Nikolaevna Mira Ul., bld. 205
32272 Bobkin Ivan Andreevich Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32273 Voinov Mikhail Panteleevich Selishcheva Ul., bld. 5
32274 Polyakova Valentina Viktorovna Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32275 Dmitriev Aleksey Fedorovich Denisova Ul., bld. 2
32276 Semenikhin Nikolay Egorovich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 7
32277 Bocharov Mikhail Semenovich Gaydara Ul., bld. 3
32278 Evseev Aleksey Vladimirovich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 9
32280 Ivashov Vasiliy Grigorevich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 41
32281 Loseva Lyudmila Gennadevna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 13
32282 Zhironkin Nikolay Grigorevich Denisova Ul., bld. 2
32283 Shatokhina Tatyana Fominichna Denisova Ul., bld. 2
32284 Smagina Valentina Anatolevna Denisova Ul., bld. 2
32286 Karaseva Valentina Ivanovna Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32287 Morozova Alevtina Andreevna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 9
32289 Rastvorova Nina Grigorevna Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32290 Goncharov Leonid Ivanovich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 13
32292 Pertsev Aleksandr Fedorovich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 15/А
32294 Zhivotova Tamara Ivanovna Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 15/А
32295 Chernigovtsev Aleksey Mitrofanovich Oktyabrskaya Ul., bld. 15/А
32296 Egurnova Lyubov Petrovna Gaydara Ul., bld. 2
32297 Kuznetsov Vladimir Ivanovich Gaydara Ul., bld. 4
32299 Kolomytseva Natalya Mikhaylovna Gaydara Ul., bld. 2/А
32300 Kuzina Galina Alekseevna Denisova Ul., bld. 2
32301 Tarasova Galina Dmitrievna Pobedy Ul., bld. 3

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