Reverse phone directory of KHolm-ZHirkovskiy (Smolenskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: RussiaKHolm-ZHirkovskiy phone numbers range 44029-44112

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Phone Lastname, name Address
44029 Menyachikhina Nv Igorevskaya
44030 Osipova Rn Igorevskaya
44032 Kartoshkin Yun Igorevskaya
44034 Soloveva Ez Igorevskaya, bld. 30
44036 Donskaya Ea Igorevskaya
44037 Frolov Sb Igorevskaya
44038 Potapov Fd Igorevskaya
44040 Vasilev Ap Igorevskaya
44041 Moiseeva Gp Igorevskaya
44042 Kudryavtseva Mi Igorevskaya
44043 Kryuchkov Nn Igorevskaya
44044 Lestenkov Ad Igorevskaya, bld. 18
44045 Pakhomenkov Pm Igorevskaya
44047 Petrova Op Igorevskaya
44048 Troshchenkov Sa Igorevskaya
44049 Shkabar Vm Igorevskaya
44050 Ruzhentseva Ad Igorevskaya
44051 Ivanova Vo Igorevskaya
44053 Lobanov Si Igorevskaya, bld. 3
44054 Trusov Na Igorevskaya
44055 Petrov Em Igorevskaya
44056 Semenova Oa Igorevskaya
44057 Galitskiy Ni Igorevskaya
44058 Lebedev Vn Igorevskaya
44059 Chistyakova Ek Igorevskaya
44060 Vasileva Ei Igorevskaya
44061 Bleskova Va Igorevskaya, bld. 12
44063 Nesterova If Igorevskaya
44064 Shukareva Na Igorevskaya
44065 Afonasev Pi Igorevskaya
44066 Gatsina Vv Igorevskaya, bld. 34
44067 Tarabukin Av Igorevskaya, bld. 1
44068 Potapov Sf Igorevskaya
44070 Azarov As Igorevskaya
44071 Stepanova Mv Stroitelnaya Ul., bld. 28
44072 Krylova Tv Igorevskaya
44075 Kotova Gp Igorevskaya
44076 Arseneva Nn Igorevskaya
44077 Krapivin Aa Igorevskaya
44078 Gakov Mf Igorevskaya
44079 Afanasev Ns Igorevskaya
44081 Tyklin Vv Igorevskaya
44082 Kuzmenkov Vm Igorevskaya
44083 Frolenkova Am Igorevskaya
44084 Kuteynikov Ni Igorevskaya, bld. 7
44085 Fedorova Mk Igorevskaya
44088 Vasilev Av Igorevskaya
44089 Mertev Am Igorevskaya
44090 Petukhova Mm Igorevskaya
44091 Kotov Sv Igorevskaya

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