Reverse phone directory of Roslavl (Smolenskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: RussiaRoslavl phone numbers range 55106-55290

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Phone Lastname, name Address
55106 Volodina Tp Ekimovichi, bld. 26
55110 Akimova Si Ekimovichi
55111 Marchenkova Sp Ekimovichi
55112 Malyarova Ai Ekimovichi
55113 Rusanov Si Ekimovichi, bld. 3
55114 Rachek Ad Ekimovichi
55115 Shatilo Nn Ekimovichi
55116 Kharitonenkova Es Ekimovichi
55117 Kosolapov Dp Ekimovichi
55118 Shershneva Va Ekimovichi
55119 Dobrotulin Nv Ekimovichi
55120 Tsygankov Si Ekimovichi
55121 Bulygin Im Ekimovichi
55122 Zakharov Ns Ekimovichi
55123 Chernyshev Mp Ekimovichi
55124 Trifankova Is Ekimovichi
55125 Kotvanov Vf Ekimovichi
55126 Kosarev Vv Ekimovichi
55127 Oreshchenkov Mp Ekimovichi
55128 Vlasenkova La Ekimovichi
55130 Kulakova Gv Ekimovichi
55131 Molochenkova Nv Ekimovichi
55132 Kozlova Vn Ekimovichi
55134 Ivanova Np Ekimovichi
55135 Maskalchuk Ea Ekimovichi
55137 Kozlova Mt Ekimovichi
55139 Kholstinkin Pi Sadovaya Ul., bld. 6
55142 Vlasov Aa Ekimovichi
55143 Amelina Vs Ekimovichi
55145 Fedyukov Li Ekimovichi
55146 Aleshchenkova Ni Ekimovichi
55148 Zhukova Gn Ekimovichi
55150 Mikhalkin Yun Ekimovichi
55153 Krivakov Vf Ekimovichi
55154 Kovalchuk Vs Ekimovichi
55155 Gulenkova Vi Ekimovichi
55156 Nikolaychuk Gi Ekimovichi, bld. 2/П Сов
55158 Aleshin Ni Ekimovichi
55160 Bondarkov Vv Ekimovichi
55162 Boyko Oa Ekimovichi
55166 Makhankova Eya Ekimovichi
55167 Logvinenko Ag Ekimovichi, bld. 108
55168 Maksakova Ed Ekimovichi
55170 Troshikhin Va Ekimovichi
55173 Alekseenkova La Ekimovichi, bld. 2/Ой Со
55174 Makhankov Vs Ekimovichi
55175 Pashirova Lv Ekimovichi
55176 Kozelko Vg Ekimovichi
55178 Dobrotulina Am Ekimovichi
55179 Blinova Nv Ekimovichi

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