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Phone Lastname, name Address
676035 Minich Nina Sergeevna Marchekanskiy, bld. 15/В, appt. 36
676036 Stanislavskaya Lidiya Ivanovna Koltsevaya, bld. 40, appt. 9
676037 Frank Lidiya Ivanovna YAkutskaya, bld. 3, appt. 10
676038 Ternovskiy Ai Kosmonavtov, bld. 3/2, appt. 7
676039 Kovaleva Tamara Vladimirovna Koltsevaya, bld. 56, appt. 2
676040 Shkolnaya Lyudmila Nikolaevna Koltsevaya, bld. 40, appt. 31
676041 Rumyantsev Sv Boldyreva, bld. 6/А, appt. 13
676042 Butakova Serafima Vasilevna Kosmonavtov, bld. 3/2, appt. 52
676043 Babicheva Agafya Fedorovna Koltsevaya, bld. 34/В, appt. 11
676044 Poplavskaya Elena Petrovna Karla/Marksa, bld. 63/1, appt. 57

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