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Dir: RussiaMagadan phone numbers range 676287-676302

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Phone Lastname, name Address
676287 Shurova Ev Proletarskaya, bld. 84, appt. 51
676288 Partey Vladislav Andreevich Narovchatova, bld. 5/1, appt. 19
676289 Pokrovskaya Lyubov Nikolaevna Karla/Marksa, bld. 65/А, appt. 20
676290 Sorokin Vladimir Nikolaevich Parkovaya, bld. 19, appt. 24
676294 Sidorov Igor Anatolevich Gagarina, bld. 28/Б, appt. 22
676297 Prishchepa Lidiya Nikolaevna Karla/Marksa, bld. 65/В, appt. 36
676298 Ponomareva Marina Anatolevna Karla/Marksa, bld. 67, appt. 61
676300 Kutovaya Valentina Vasilevna Koltsevaya, bld. 40, appt. 7
676301 Denisova Av Karla/Marksa, bld. 67, appt. 73
676302 Daricheva Kristina Viktorovna Karla/Marksa, bld. 65, appt. 60

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