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Dir: RussiaMagadan phone numbers range 659247-659257

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Phone Lastname, name Address
659247 Silanteva Evgeniya Petrovna Naberezhnaya, bld. 71/2, appt. 8
659248 Mylnikov Vladimir Aleksandrovich Naberezhnaya, bld. 73/3, appt. 39
659249 Budko Ma Naberezhnaya, bld. 71, appt. 196
659251 Spetsabonent Net Informatsii
659252 Kolchin Aleksey Gennadievich Naberezhnaya, bld. 73/3, appt. 37
659253 Naumov Yuriy Vladimirovich Naberezhnaya, bld. 73/3, appt. 24
659254 Bulgakov Vv Proletarskaya, bld. 61/2, appt. 18
659255 Yankovoy Aleksandr Feodosevich Naberezhnaya, bld. 55/1, appt. 33
659256 Makhonin Aleksandr Viktorovich Naberezhnaya, bld. 71/2, appt. 12
659257 Spetsabonent Net Informatsii

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