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Phone Lastname, name Address
659189 Efimova Oksana Vladimirovna Naberezhnaya, bld. 71/4, appt. 58
659190 Baranov Aleksandr Viktorovich Naberezhnaya, bld. 49/1, appt. 58
659191 Shcherba Tatyana Nikolaevna Naberezhnaya, bld. 71, appt. 9
659193 Shmychkov Aleksandr Nikitich Naberezhnaya, bld. 71/4, appt. 13
659194 Spiryagin Viktor Pavlovich Naberezhnaya, bld. 53, appt. 30
659195 Kuvshinchikova Valentina Mikhaylovna Naberezhnaya, bld. 65, appt. 15
659196 Balaban Sergey Nikolaevich Proletarskaya, bld. 61/1, appt. 58
659197 Rudneva Tatyana Viktorovna Naberezhnaya, bld. 45/1, appt. 46
659198 Osinskiy Stanislav Iosifovich Naberezhnaya, bld. 71/4, appt. 49
659200 Ushakova Galina Ivanovna Naberezhnaya, bld. 71/4, appt. 43

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