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Phone Lastname, name Address
651844 Makhnatyy Sergey Petrovich Marchekanskiy, bld. 13, appt. 17
651845 Goryachev Vasiliy Vladimirovich Karla/Marksa, bld. 62, appt. 68
651846 Klimov Genadiy Mikhaylovich Gagarina, bld. 25/Б, appt. 24
651847 Gorodnenko Vera Fedorovna Koltsevaya, bld. 44, appt. 7
651848 Trichegrub Tatyana Aleksandrovna Koltsevaya, bld. 34/Г, appt. 54
651849 Shibanova Inga Viktorovna Gagarina, bld. 21/А, appt. 79
651850 Sekretenko Natalya Yakovlevna Gagarina, bld. 25/Б, appt. 1
651852 Izegova Elena Valerevna Karla/Marksa, bld. 65, appt. 51
651853 Zagorulko Lidiya Petrovna Gagarina, bld. 23/Б, appt. 59
651854 Chibireva Marina Viktorovna Koltsevaya, bld. 34/Г, appt. 35

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